It All Starts With The Plan

At Lone Star Wealth Strategies we begin with a client centered approach  to help our clients, indentify, chrystilize and implement their retirement income goals and objectives

Our goal is to maximize income while reducing taxes with an eye to balancing less risk but optimizing returns.

We also work to leverage our clients charitable gifting to create more value to our clients charitable passions.  ..many of these techniques can be used to increase wealth bequeathed to heirs as well. . .

Financial Planning

At Lone Star Wealth Strategies, we offer client centered approach to retirement income planning . Working closely with you and your other advisers, we work to help our clients, indentify, chrystilize and implement their financial goals and objectives in the following areas: Estate Planning, Business Planning, Retirement Planning, Education Planning, Investment Planning, and Charitable Planning.

This only works if it works for you.

Investment Advisory Services

In today’s challenging investment environment, there are no simple solutions. Success is achieved through a well-conceived and disiplined investment strategy.

We offer a fee based investment approach instead of the traditional commission based apporach of our competition.  This annual fee that is based on the assets we manage helping to ensure our interests are aligned with yours: protecting and growing your investments.   We can offer a fee only plan design for those clients who perfer that approach.

Through our various investment programs — ranging from separately managed portfolios of stocks and bonds to mutual fund accounts — we can personalize your investment portfolio to help you meet your financial goals.